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System of Play

The 3rd WCT Mixed Doubles Cup Geising will be played with 20 teams in a round robin from 5 teams. Each Team has 10 minutes practice on each rink before the Round Robin starts. All games are 8 ends with an extra end if needed (6 Ends are minimum to play). In case of a blank in the extra end, the team without the hammer in that end automatically wins the game.
Only the final is played with as many extra ends as needed to decide the winner. After the round robin the 1st place team in each group is automatical qualified for the Quarterfinal. The 2nd and 3rd placed team of each group play a qualification for the Quarterfinal.
The 4th and 5th placed team of each group are automatical out. Quarter- final losers are playing a game for ranking. All games will be played according to the WCF rules. There is no time limit. Please don`t delay your games, the game supervision will intervene in case of slow play.


Specifications for brushes in elite curling of the World Curling Federation as of September 2016 apply. Team can check the brooms of the opposite team before the game. No complaints about sweeping heads will .be accepted after a game is started. We are very confident that the spirit of curling we be applied at our tournament

Choice of stone placement

The first named Team in the schedule play the dark handles (red or blue) and have the first practise. All games are start with a 5 minutes practise followed with the Last Stone Draws (one cw and one ccw) according to the WCF rules. Stones on the Button will be scored 0.0cm! (no two point measurement, if tied = coin toss). The team with the lesser LSD has the hammer in the first end. Throughout all playoff game the team with the lesser DSC has choice of either the first or second practice or the stone handle colour.


At the end of the round robin the ranking for each group will be drawn by following criteria: 1. Win / Loss record 2. Head to head result(s) 3. DSC (excluding the least favourable LSD)


Erik Zimmermann and Holger Schäfer

Players Night

Players Night – Saturday, 7:30 p.m. at Restaurant “Am Schauhübel”, Lindenallee 3, 01778 Geising Extra cards for the players night are available for 25€. Drinks have to pay by yourself